Use case - Medium-sized Company

This could be the visit procedure in your company if you are a medium-sized company with at least two receptions.

Making an appointment with the employee 

Your employee makes an appointment with his contact person directly on the phone.

Pre-registration by the employee

Your employee stores all necessary data, such as the visitor's name and company, in ID VisitControl.

Since you have more than one reception, your employee defines a reception where the guest should be received.

For this, you need the modules Reception, Server, Intranet and the Additional module entrance separation.

Message to the selected reception

Die Rezeption erhält nun eine automatische und aktive Nachricht im Hauptmenü des Empfangsmoduls. Alle Vorbereitungen können nun getroffen werden. 

For this, you need the additional module Notification

Date of the visit

Your guest is greeted at the right reception and logs in with his name and the contact person in your company.

Verification of the data

Reception now checks in the visitor software whether all necessary information has been entered by the employee and carries out access control.

Safety instruction with the signature pad

Before the visitor badge can be printed, the visitor software in the reception module requests a signature on your security briefing.

For this, you need the additional module signature pad.

Visitor badge print

As soon as the signature has been made on the signature pad, the visitor badge can be printed by the reception.

List of attendance

As soon as the visitor badge is printed, the visitor is stored as "present" in the visitor software ID VisitControl.

Transfer to the contact person

Your receptionist will inform the respective conversation partner that the visit is ready to be picked up.

Logout at reception

At the end of the appointment, the visitor returns his badge to the reception and says goodbye.

Logging off from the system

When the visitor badge is handed in, the receptionist logs the guest off in the ID VisitControl visitor software. The visit is now recorded in the visitor history and can be tracked at any time.

This example illustrates a classic visit procedure in a medium-sized company.

You can of course integrate all existing additional modules into your visitor management system and adapt them to your needs.