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Co-responsible employees are granted access to other visitor lists.


Through transparency you achieve fast workflows.

By default, all lists in the Visitor Management Intranet module show only those visits and pre-registrations for which you are assigned as an employee. The extension module Assistant of the visitor management software ID VisitControl now additionally allows you to display the entries that have been created by yourself for another employee.

This is particularly recommended if employees do not always pre-register their own visitors themselves, but assistants or secretaries are responsible for this. 

You can easily combine the additional module Assistance with the module Intranet and thus create more transparency and a better workflow for your employees. You will have much clearer workflows and therefore satisfied employees and happy guests in your company. 

We are happy to answer all your questions about ID VisitControl in a personal meeting and support you in putting together your perfect visitor management system to ensure smooth access control in your company.

In the following examples we will explain the benefits of the additional module Assistance.


Normal list of pre-registered visitors

 In the Intranet module, the employee can only see the visitors that he has created himself.


List of the pre-registered

(with Assistant)

 In the Intranet module, the employee can see the visitors that he has created himself and the visitors that he has created for another employee.


Cross-departmental list of pre-registered

(with Assistant and Department)

 In the Intranet module, the employee can see the visitors who have been pre-registered for the entire department.

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