Barcode registration

Additional module, suitable for Reception Kiosk separate application

Your advantages at a glance

Badge printing with barcode 

Visitor badges are provided with a barcode when printed. 

Independent registration and deregistration

Permanent visitors can register and deregister themselves using barcode scanners.

Relief of your reception

Less effort for your reception. 

The additional module barcode registration is ideal and exclusively suitable for permanent visitors or frequently returning visitors. In order to avoid having to re-register the permanent visitor in the ID VisitControl visitor software every time he or she visits, the visitor badge of a permanent visitor can be printed with a barcode.

By independently registering and deregistering your permanent visit, your visitor management is significantly simplified and your reception is noticeably relieved.

You can also add a barcode to employee ID cards and, for example, attach barcode scanners to individual departments and grant access to these areas only to selected persons. You can also use this additional module as an access control and thus ensure more security in your company.

You can always add an additional module to improve your visitor management. We will be happy to answer all your questions about ID VisitControl in a personal meeting and support you in putting together the perfect visitor management system to ensure smooth access control in your company. 

Documentation for reference

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