The signature pad for external employees in the company
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External craftsmen, suppliers, cleaning crews, plant security or other security services and many more are external to your company and bring risks with them. 

As a host, your company is jointly responsible for ensuring that each of these strangers behaves appropriately in your company and leaves it safely and without accidents. You are not only responsible for your own people, but also for all the people in your company. This includes, for example, temporary and contract workers, but also for all temporary helpers, holiday jobbers, seasonal workers, interns, working students, etc.

Do not forget here that employers and their managers are at least jointly responsible for the safety and health protection of all persons outside the company.

"Depending on the nature of the work, the employer must ensure that the employees of other employers who work in his establishment have received appropriate instructions regarding the risks to their safety and health during their work in his establishment".

 § 8 (2) ArbSch

For this reason, you should pay particular attention to safety, especially for external persons. 

With the module Signature-Pad you can carry out the safety instruction electronically in different languages. This is done during the registration at the reception. Your guest will be shown a predefined security briefing on a signature pad and asked to sign. In order to make sure that your safety instruction is regularly updated, the visitor administration offers you a query at regular intervals. 

The module Barcode registration is excellently suited for external employees who work in your company over a longer period of time or who are recurring.

Um diese nicht täglich neu in der Besuchersoftware ID VisitControl anmelden zu müssen, kann der Besucherausweis eines externen Mitarbeiters mit einem Barcode bedruckt werden. Dieser Barcode kann nicht nur zur täglichen An- und Abmeldung dienen, sondern auch zur Erfassung der Arbeitszeiten. Sie können mit Hilfe der Auswertungsmöglichkeiten der Besuchersoftware ID VisitControl eine Auswertung der angemeldeten Besucher durchführen und so leicht festhalten, wann ein externer Mitarbeiter seine Arbeit begonnen und beendet hat. 

It could work like this in your company

External employee arrives at the company and is registered. 

A safety instruction is presented and signed using a signature pad. The registration process is completed.

The visitor pass will be printed after registration and handed out to the visitor. The barcode is only valid as long as the pass is valid.

The external employee can now log on using a barcode scanner and start work in a safe manner.

After the work is done, the external employee logs off from the barcode scanner using the barcode and goes home.

With time recording, the start and end times of the work are recorded and can be easily evaluated.

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