The visitor management and the additional module entrance separation
Create more transparency and clarity

Do you have several receptions in your company and want to determine at which gate your visitor is expected for the visitor pre-registration. With the additional module entrance separation of the visitor management ID VisitControl this is easily possible and increases the clarity within the individual gates. 

View in the Intranet module

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At which entrance should the visitor be registered?

The additional module entrance separation is an advantage if you have licensed several receptions in your company and the module intranet, where your employees can pre-register their visitors themselves. In the course of the visitor registration the access control is carried out by the employee at the reception.

You can read more about the Intranet here.

View in reception

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Better overview for the individual receptions

The individual receptions in your company benefit from transparency. In addition to the pre-registered visitors at the self-staffed reception, you can now also see those of the other receptions. 

If it does get too confusing, you will only see the visitor registrations for your own gate with one click.

Likewise, you can see all persons currently in the house - those of your gate, as well as those of other gates in the company.

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The additional module Incoming Separation creates more transparency and a better workflow for your employees. You will have much clearer workflows and therefore satisfied employees and happy guests in your company. 

Single-Sign-On also for your visitor management
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