Entrance seperation

Additional module, suitable for Reception Intranet

Your advantages at a glance

Entrance selection

Define an entrance at which your guest is expected.


Create efficient and structured workflows.

With the additional module entrance separation, an activation for individual entrance and gate selection can be made in the Intranet module of the visitor software ID VisitControl. If there are several gates or entrances within a company, one entrance can be selected for each pre-registration, at which the arrival of the visitor is expected. You will see all pre-registered visits, not only those for your gate, but for all other entrances in your company.

Improve the clarity of pre-registrations within the individual gates and increase the efficiency of visitor receptions with ID VisitControl. Thus you create more transparency and a better workflow for your employees. You will have much clearer workflows and therefore satisfied employees and happy guests in your company.

You can always add an additional module to improve your visitor management. We will be happy to answer all your questions about ID VisitControl in a personal meeting and support you in putting together the perfect visitor management system to ensure smooth access control in your company.

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