The central control of your visitor reception

Core functions

Register visitors

Pre-registering visitors

Badge printing

Attendance list

Visit history

Base data maintenance

Additional modules

Multi Visitor Registration

Visitor registration for multiple visitors in one step.


Notify your reception automatically when you pre-register.

Signature pad

Have safety instructions easily confirmed electronically.

Input disconnection

Always know exactly at which entrance your guest is expected.

Barcode registration

Permanent visitors can cancel and register themselves using a barcode. 


Send e-mails to your visit directly from the viewer software.

Documentation for reference

Find constantly updated information and help in our online documentation.

Selection from our video tutorials More Videos


ID VisitControl Register individual visitors

In this video we show you how to register an individual visitor in ID VisitControl in the reception.


ID VisitControl visitors currently in house

In this video we show you how you can quickly view the visitors who are currently in the building in ID VisitControl in the reception area. 


ID VisitControl - the administration in reception

In this video we show you how to store or edit the data of a company in the master data.