Additional module, suitable for Reception Intranet

Your advantages at a glance

Free Excel template

Preconfigured Excel template for quick entry of all visitor data.

Import without further work steps

Fully automatic creation of all data when importing Excel in visitor management.

Relief of your reception

The effort for your reception staff is significantly minimized.

By default, visitor groups or multi-visitors are created manually in the Visitor Management Intranet module. The extension module Excel-Import of the visitor management software ID VisitControl now additionally allows to import an Excel file with all necessary information and thus a new easier visitor registration.

For example, you can have your visitor groups fill out the Excel file in advance and then transfer it to ID VisitControl. This saves a lot of time when pre-registering the visitor group or the multi visitor. Your employees can also use the Excel file themselves to enter all necessary information about the visitor group or multi visitor. The visitor management automatically creates a new company if it does not already exist in your visitor management.

The Excel file is preconfigured so that it can only be filled with data on the rows marked in green. Fields marked in red are mandatory fields and must be filled with data. You can fill the Excel template you receive from us with all the necessary visitor data, save it on your workstation and always access it quickly and easily.

We are happy to answer all your questions about ID VisitControl in a personal meeting and support you in putting together your perfect visitor management system to ensure smooth access control in your company.

Documentation for reference

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