Installation and introduction

Project schedule of the launch of ID VisitControl

The installation of the ID VisitControl visitor software is carried out by experts from Equitania Software GmbH. Before starting the installation process described below, the target system must already be fully available.  Please note that we can only guarantee error-free operation of ID VisitControl if all requirements are met according to the specifications on the page  System requirements are fulfilled.

Verification of the target system for compliance with the system requirements via TeamViewer

In a first telephone appointment, we check the target system for compliance with the system requirements for the installation of ID VisitControl. At this time, you should already have completed the software system requirements, which consist of the Microsoft SQL Server and other Microsoft products.

For an easy installation of the required components we recommend to use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which you can download from the following link: 

This tool is free of charge and lets you download and install all necessary software components automatically. Please note that due to various dependencies, individual components must be installed in a certain order and may have to be registered separately in the system. The web platform installer takes all the above points into account.

You can also install the components separately. A distribution of the systems, i.e. a separation from the application and database server is also possible. Please note the corresponding notes under "Rights and Authorizations" in the Systemvoraussetzungen. Also to be considered are the requirements for the rights and permissions regarding the required users, their permissions and the printer installation.

If you have problems with the preparation of your server, we will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

At the agreed test date, we request that the target system has full Internet access, at least temporarily. Additionally, the TeamViewer, Equitania QuickSupport, can already be executed directly on the target system to give us direct access to the system.   

Installation via TeamViewer

The installation of ID VisitControl and its components is done remotely by our experts using TeamViewer. Please make sure that a contact person is available to us for technical questions during this period.

At the agreed installation date we ask you to ensure that the target system has full Internet access, at least temporarily. In addition, the TeamViewer, Equitania QuickSupport, should already be running directly on the target system, which allows the transfer of the data required for the installation.

The installation process usually takes 2-4 hours.

Implementation of the basic configuration via TeamViewer

After a successful installation of the visitor software with all associated components, we carry out detailed functional tests. 

We test not only the functions within the software, but also the interfaces to hardware and software that are independent of ID VisitControl. This includes the connection to the printer to ensure printing from within the software and the connection to your Active Directory*. For the connection to the Active Directory, please have the following information ready for us:

  • AD Servers Address

  • Port

  • Entry point

  • Filter (optional)

  • AD Service User (see system requirements "Rights and Authorizations")

  • AD Service User Password

The configuration and print tests of the visitor software usually take about 1 hour.

* A connection to the Active Directory is only possible in connection with the licensing of the ID VisitControl "Server".

Completing the installation and scheduling the appointment  on site

After installation, successful configuration and the basic tests, a date for the training on site is arranged. We kindly ask you to prepare 1-2 date proposals, where all involved persons from your company will be available. You can find details about the course of the training in the next menu item. 

At this point you can already access the ID VisitControl. 

The access paths relevant for you are always structured according to the following schema:

ID VisitControl Reception http://kundensystem/IdVisitControl_Empfang
ID VisitControl Intranet http://kundensystem/IdVisitControl_Intranet
ID VisitControl Kiosk
ID VisitControl Administration http://kundensystem/IdVisitControl_Admin
Signature Pad http://kundensystem/IdVisitControl_Pad/Signature/Pad

Teaching about the system on site

The on-site appointment generally consists of 2 training parts for the different target groups. The administrative part is treated separately from the operative part - the part that the users get to see.

Please make sure that a training room or equivalent is available for the duration of the training. In addition, access to the visitor software must be available and a beamer for training multiple people are recommended. 

Administrative training

For the administrative training we need 1-2 persons from the technical department, to whom we give a short introduction into the use of ID VisitControl. In addition, these persons will receive further information about the administration of the software. Furthermore, they will receive information about the exact technical functionality, so that they will be able to react quickly in case of problems. This part of the training usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on how many questions arise.

User training

For the user training we ask you to select 1-3 key users who will participate in the training. In this training part the use of the visitor software will be trained. The focus is mainly on the ID VisitControl "Reception". All processes in the visitor software will be demonstrated. All additionally purchased modules and components will then be trained after the ID VisitControl "Reception" training.

This training part usually takes 1.5 - 2.5 h. The duration of the training depends not only on the number of questions, but also on the components of ID VisitControl that are used.