The comfortable way of self-registration

Core functions

Self-registration of the visitor

Multilingual usable

Security briefing

Self-explanatory user interface

Customised designs

Operable via touch surface

Self-registration after pre-registration View the visit procedure in the detail

Additional modules

Visitor portal

Inform visitors safely and comprehensively in advance

Badge printing in the kiosk

Automatically print the visitor badge after successful self-registration at your badge printer.


Send e-mails to your visit directly from the viewer software.

Documentation for reference

Find constantly updated information and help in our online documentation.

From our video tutorials More Videos


ID VisitControl - In-use example of the Kiosk module

An scenario with the kiosk module in the real case example



ID VisitControl - Register new visitors in the kiosk

In this video we show you how new visitors can register themselves in ID VisitControl. 



ID VisitControl - Register recurring visitors in the kiosk

In this video we show you how returning visitors can log in again in ID VisitControl.