System requirements

Applications for proper installation

The software was programmed for the client installation-free and must only be installed on a server. To offer the comfort of a Rich Internet Application using HTML5, only a HTML5-capable browser must be installed.

The following system requirements should be met.

Hard- and Software requirements

Hardware Recommendation
CPU Quad Core Intel
Hard disk from 80 GB
Printer Label printer network-compatible
Display* Screen with touch interface
Software Recommendation
Operating system Windows Server 2016 64 Bit or newer
Webserver from IIS 7 (IIS 7.5 Express) + ASP .NET, + ASP .NET extension
SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (Express variant possible), Microsoft SQL Management Studio
Framework from .NET Framework 4.6, ASP .NET MVC 4.0 Tools
Browser Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
(Javascript MUST be enabled)

Rights and permissions

Local User

On the server that hosts the visitor software ID VisitControl, we need a local user with administrative rights. This is necessary to perform the installation, but also to control the different printers from within the software. 

Please note the following points in connection with the database server:

  1. We need a separate DB user with administration rights on the database server (SQL authentication).

  2. The database is created by our installation routine by default, so a DB-Admin user is mandatory at the time of installation. 

Please note the following points in connection with the printer installation: 

The printers used for badge printing must be installed on the server (via the network) and printing must be possible at the corresponding receiving workstations (e.g. test page). 

Please note the following points in connection with the connection to an Active Directory:

For a connection to an existing Active Directory (LDAP) we need all connection parameters and a service user (password must not expire).

* For using the signature functionality in ID VisitControl "Kiosk

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